When it comes to jewelry services, there are quite a few jewelry sellers to meet your needs, such as a team of jewelry designers. Creating good jewelry with an extensive staff of designers, jewelers, gemologists and consultants, you can be assured that your valuables are in good hands.

Face it; Confidence is the primary focus of many people when starting a jewelry service. Our company, which is closely run by the management team, has been trusted by tens of thousands of satisfied customers since its inception.

Our skilled professionals operate with state-of-the-art facilities and the technology and equipment are unmatched. From our gem lab to laser jewelry repair and high frequency casting technology, we have the ability to handle any good jewelry service you need. The combination of old world craftsmanship and modern technology enables our leading jewelers to provide solutions to suit any of your jewelry needs.

With many of years of combined experience, you are sure to find jewelry design and services that are not found in other jewelry stores, in a place where jewelry making is a way of life. Our leading jewelry, gemologists and team of jewelry designers are dedicated to being the best in our field. We have a personal interest in the people who wear the jewelry we sell because we make it ourselves. Our personal pride motivates us to provide the best possible jewelry service.



Many clients have found that one of the most useful jewelry services we provide is information, and since it is free, everyone can enjoy it. We are always available to discuss your needs or provide advice about family heirlooms or proper jewelry care. Our consultants can advise you on gemological questions or share information on diamond grading, and assist you in evaluating your gemstones. Our artisans are always eager to share design ideas and help you to organize your old gold and gemstones to plan future projects. Experienced master jewelers are always on hand to recommend ways to restore your precious vintage items.

So what qualifies us as your best source of jewelry information? On average, our staff has between 10 to 40 years of jewelry experience. Many of the technicians on our team have rare, specialized, targeted skills, making them among the elite in their field.

It is for this reason that we hope you will consider us your personal source for jewelry information, and allow us to assist you the next time you are in need of jewelry services. As professionals, we crave the opportunity to win your confidence and provide the highest level of customer service possible.


At Emeralds you can create a unique piece of jewelry. We take the time to get to know you; You can incorporate your tastes, your lifestyle, and any gemstone or other jewelry into your new design. Rooted in time-tested techniques combined with the latest technology, Holiday Jewelry have been creating custom jewelry for over 45 years. Our staff is trained in computer animation design, giving you the ability to ‘see’ and make changes in the process as the design unfolds.

You will have the experience of getting involved in creating custom jewelry. You can make your own unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry piece from Holiday Jewelry thanks to our experienced jewelers, our complete store, and our highly trained staff. All you need is an idea and a desire.